Love After All: Programmes

This page contains reproductions of the original programmes for the world premiere of Alan Ayckbourn's second play, Love After All, at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, in 1959 and its subsequent revival at the same venue during summer 1960.

World Premiere (1959)

Revival (1960)


Love After All was conceived as a period piece set in the early 20th century (as the premiere programme notes). For reasons best known to himself, the revival's director - Julian Hetherington - decided to modernise the play; the differences in names and setting can be seen between the programmes.
Alan Ayckbourn was intended to have the star role of Jim Jones in the world premiere, but was called up for National Service. He took on the role for the 1960 revival.
Love After All is credited to Roland Allen - the pen name under which Alan Ayckbourn wrote his early plays. As Stephen Joseph's note in the premiere programme explains, this was to differentiate between Alan's primary career as an actor and his nascent role as a writer.
Like all Library Theatre productions of this period, Love After All was performed without an interval.
The two productions mark a transition in the style of programmes distributed by the Library Theatre. The world premiere programme is reflective of the one-sheet, single-sided print used by the company since it opened in 1955. From summer 1960, the programme changed to a double-sided fold and the revival programme reflects this change. Stephen Joseph was rather radical at the time as the imported the American idea of free programmes to the Library Theatre; this practice was ended in 1967 after Stephen's death.
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