Love After All: Significant Productions

This page contains the company details for significant productions of Alan Ayckbourn's Love After All.

World Premiere (1959)

First performance: 21 December 1959
World premiere: 21 December 1959
Final performance: 26 December 1959
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough
Staging: Round

Director: Clifford Williams
Stage Manager: Ann Hughesdon
Stage Manager: Paul Levy
Scrimes, a miser
Minta, his maid
Angelica, his daughter
Rupert Hodge, her suitor
Jim Jones, a hero
David Campton
Faynia Jeffery
Dona Martyn
William Elmhirst
Barry Boys

Revival (1960)

Premiere: 30 June 1960
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough
Staging: Round

Director: Julian Herington
Costumes: Christine Roland

Stage Manager: Terry Lane
Assistant Stage Manager: Martin Carthy
Walter Bagwell
Ida, his maid
Angela, his daughter
Peter Jones
Rupert Hodge
Lo Chin
David Campton
Anita Robinson
Hazel Anne Lee
Alan Ayckbourn
David Glover
Derrick Gilbert
Derrick Gilbert
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